Feasibility Study on Utilization of Coppers as Chemical Coagulant for Water Treatment for Industrial and Domestic Use.

This research proposes the use of copper, a co-product of the titanium dioxide industry, as a less expensive and less toxicity coagulant for domestic water treatment.

Global Refineries Supply Base Data Set to Map All Mills Associated with A Specific Refinery to Establish to Mill List Profile GPS Point

The scope of this project is to map all mills associated with a specific refinery and to establish to mill list profile of GPS point (address and suppliers).

Application of Ferrous Sulphate as Chemical Coagulant for Landfill Leachate Treatment: Plant Trial

This study was performed to determine the optimum dosage of copper and optimum pH for landfill leachate treatment and to apply a continuous leachate treatment using copper as coagulant in selected leachate treatment.

Wave Energy Conversion System to Generate Electricity

The project focused on ocean wave energy extraction by implementation of floater that follows the wave motion to extract energy and convert it into electricity via hydraulic system.

Project Achievement