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Project Feasibility Study of Reefing Offshore Structure In-Situ and at a New Reef Site

This project aims to outline criteria for RTR in Malaysia marine environment covering development of a spatial reefing viability map to identify area with high potential of in-situ reefing. Next, it is to propose and evaluate suitability in short-term and long-term of the rigs to reefs approach and framework for environmental management plan, pollution management plan, ecosystem services of the artificial reefs as well as the social impact assessment.

Evaluation of Terengganu State Water Resources Conservation I & II

The purpose of this study is to provide a review report for the Water Supply Department concerning progress reports prepared by consultants for the Terengganu Water Conservation Study. This report covers technical and scientific aspects based on the area of expertise of each independent advisor.

Development of Safety Assessment Guidelines for Damaged Marine Structures

The objective of this project is to develop an innovative diagram for assessing the structural safety of ships and ship-shaped offshore structures damaged by grounding accident and to verify the proposed system with a collaborative and to provide a foundation for a swift salvage plan for grounding accidents and the enhancement of HSE in the shipping industry.

Project Baseline Study on Organisms and Their Contributions in Kuantan Port

The aim of this study is to provide environmental baseline data for Kuantan Port, Pahang.

Condition Assessment of Marine Structures Damaged by Collision Accidents

The objective of this project is to develop a condition assessment technique for offshore structure subjected to collision damaged and to provide a foundation for swift salvage plans for collision accidents and the enhancement of HSE in the shipping industry.

Pipeline Marine Activities Impact

Petronas Berhad – 2019

Condition Assessment of Offshore Riser Under Vortex-Induced Vibration

In this research, the individual effects of each TTR design parameter were investigated. This project includes the base model of TTR for the parametric study. Three riser-modelling techniques in OrcaFlex are investigated and validated against the reference model. The selected riser model will be used to perform parametric studies to study the effect of design parameters on the VIV fatigue damage of TTR.

Airborne Survey (Drone) and Groundtruthing Assessment Services to Develop Hydrographic data for Pulau Redang Marine Park

The aim of this project is to obtain important information such as hydrographic and other data concerning coral reefs in the waters of Pulau Redang Marine Park via ariel and field surveys.

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