Publication of the Water Resources Publication (WRP) for the Water Balance Development Program for the Management of National Water Resources (Phase 1)

The objective of this service is to publish a high-quality Water Resource Publication that meets international standards, where the consultant needs to collect and collate information from the results of water resource studies from the Water Balance Development Program for National Water Resources Management (Phase 1), including a Water Balance Study, Water Demand Management Study, Water-Food-Energy Nexus Study & Water Footprint Study, Environmental Flow Guideline and Water Resource Conservation Plan (WRCP). The WRP can be used as a reference for JPS engineers, university students and academics.


Microplastics in Water – Research Support Services for the Water Quality Laboratory, National Water Research Institute of Malaysia (NAHRIM)

The aims of this research are to determine the abundance of microplastics and macroplastics in the Klang River basin (namely the Klang River and Kerayong River) in relation to water quality status and determine the relationship between the abundance of microplastics and microplastics, water quality (marine, estuarine, freshwater, highly urbanize area) and other environmental data. In addition, it correlates statistical and hydraulic data with abundance of macroplastics.